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Welcome to our Genealogy Website.

This website was set up to follow the genealogy of both myself and my wife. This may be a bit of a challenge, given that I am adopted, and my wife was also adopted on one side.

First, a little history about myself:

I was born Anthony James Doggett, son of James and Carol Ann Doggett. At the age of 18 months, I was put up for adoption, and eventually adopted at age 7 by two wonderful people, Charles E. and Carol A Swanson, whom I consider to be my “real” parents. At that time, my name was changed to Anthony Charles Earl Samuel Swanson.

The three middle names come from my two adopted grandfathers, Charles J. Swanson, and Samuel F. Gabriel, as well as from my biological great grandfather Earl L. Foster, who was the only relative constant in my life prior to my adoption, and instrumental in my eventual adoption into such a wonderful and loving family. I can neither thank him enough, nor ever repay him for all that he did for me. He was truly an amazing man, a fact that I never realized until later in life, and after he passed. As I proceed further into genealogy I’ve come to realize that he actually came from a long, long line of truly incredible people encompassing many leaders, and a history of everything from famous knights and castles to political and business leaders throughout history. I see this same greatness in my own son, and am now beginning to understand where it comes from.. It’s in his blood.

Now a little history about my wife:

She was born Carol Jean Baker, daughter of Carl and Evelyn Baker. When she was about 4, her mother divorced her father and married a man by the name of Robert J. Lynch, who adopted her and changed her name to Carol Jean Lynch. Carol knows very little about her biological father. She was able to find him eventually, but he had just passed months before she was able to find him, so she was unable to meet him. She did find out that he had gotten remarried, and she was able to speak with his second wife, Beverly and her daughter Candy, and learned that Carl was a wonderful man in his own right. She also learned that when he was dying, he asked his wife “Where is Carol Jean”.. A fact that broke her heart, since she had actually been actively looking for him at that time. It also meant the world to her that he had not forgotten about her.

It’s too bad she was never able to know the man personally.

Sometimes I think that parents get so wrapped up in their own emotional baggage about each other, that they don’t consider the impact it has on their children. A fact that is all to evident in today’s world.

This site is a “work in progress. Our hope in this site is to follow both our biological and adopted lines as far back into history as we can. Any comments, suggestions, and contributions in this are not only welcomed, but greatly appreciated. If you have any information to contribute, please let us know and we can set it up so you can actually enter what you know directly into this site.

Thank you, and enjoy your visit.

Tony and Carol Swanson

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